1. What is God?
"God is the supreme intelligence, primary cause of all things"
(1). (See Special Note N°. 1, Publisher (FEB), page 494.)

2. What is meant by infinity?
"What has no beginning or end: the unknown, all that is unknown is infinite."

3. One could say God is infinite?
"Incomplete definition. Poverty of human language, not enough to define what is above the language of men."

(1) The text placed between quotation marks, followed by the questions, is the answer that the spirits gave. To highlight the notes and explanations dictated by the author, when there is possibility to be confused with the text of the reply, was used another small letter type. When forming whole chapters, without being able to confusion, the same letter type used to the questions and answers was the adopted.

God is infinite in His perfections, but the infinite is an abstraction. To say that God is infinite is to take the attribute of a thing for the same thing, is to define something that is not known by another that is not more than the first.

4. Where can be found the proof for the existence of God?
"In an axiom that thy applies to your science. There is no effect without a cause. Seek the cause of everything that is not the work of man and your reason will answer."

To believe in God, just bid the look over the works of Creation. The universe exists, therefore/then have a cause. To doubt the existence of God is to deny that every effect has a cause and go forward that nothing could do something.

17. Is given to man to know the principle of things?
"No, God does not allow everything to be revealed to man in this world."

18. Penetrate the man a day the mystery of things that are hidden to him?
"The veil is raised to his eyes, as it becomes purified, but to understand certain things, are needed some faculties that do not have yet."

19. Can not the man, through scientific research, penetrate some of the secrets of nature?
"The Science was given for its advance in all things, but he can not surpass the limits which God has established."

The more a man can penetrate these mysteries, the more admiration must cause the power and wisdom of the Creator. However, whether for pride, whether for weakness, his own intelligence turn him into a plaything of illusion. He clump systems on systems and each day that passes shows him how many mistakes took by truths and how many truths rejected as errors. Are other many disappointments for your pride.

22. It is generally defined as the matter - which has extension, which is able to impress the senses, which is impenetrable. Are these definitions accurate?
"From your point of view, they are, because you do not speak about except what you know. But the matter exists in states that you ignore. It can be, for example, so ethereal and subtle that no impression cause to your senses. However, it is always matter. For you, however, not to be."

35. The universal space is infinite or limited?
"Endless. Suppose it limited: what will be beyond its limits? It confuses your reason and I know, but the reason says that can not be otherwise. The same happens with the infinite in all things. It is not in the little sphere you are found that you might understand it."

Supposing a limit to the Space, as far as the imagination placed it, the reason says that something beyond this limit exist, thus gradually, up to infinity, since, although this something would be the absolute vacuum, would still be Space.

36. The absolute vacuum exists somewhere in the universal space?
"No, there is no vacuum. What it seems empty is occupied by matter that escapes to your senses and tools."

958. Why has the man, instinctively, horror to the nothing?
"Because the nothing does not exist."

959. Where comes from, to the man, the instinctive feeling of a future life?
"We have said: prior to embody the spirit knew all these things and soul retains vague recollection of what it knows and what he saw in the spiritual state." (393)

(Psychography - The Book of Spirits, Allan Kardec)
Original title: LE LIVRE DES ESPRITS
USKB edition (1954)



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